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OBDKK specializes in the research and sales of car repairs, automatic diagnostic scanners, odometer function tools, code readers and key programming products.

The spirit of our sales team is: to stand out from other sellers with excellent quality, customer-oriented service, and strive to develop every detail of new products. To maintain this spirit, our experienced customer service and technical support team provides 24-hour online services to solve problems around the world. At the same time, we have strict quality control procedures to meet the requirements of different customers.

Our company is the sole agent of XTOOL and VXDIAG. We have also cooperated with many well-known manufacturers in the automotive and electronics industry, such as LAUNCH, AUTOL, FCAR, UCANDAS … In addition, we have designed all these models in multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, French and Portuguese language. In addition, our products are compatible with various vehicle models of gasoline vehicles, diesel vehicles, light trucks, light trucks and certain buses. Therefore, our products are suitable for private car owners, small repair shops and large stores.

VDIAGTOOL was born in 2017. It is a professional car brand, focusing our eight years of overseas sales experience on customer suggestions in the United States and many European countries and the hard work of our senior technical engineers. We believe that VDIAGTOOL will be the highest choice for future customers, and our company-Acartool insists that customers are God.

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