Agent Delivery Service


Obdkk website provides agent delivery service.

  1. What is agent delivery service?
    Agent delivery service, is our agent through a very low price from our website to buy products, by our free delivery to your customers, so as to obtain profits.
  2. How to become an agent?
    If you buy three products of more than $100 from, you can get a proxy card. After you find the card number of customer service activation proxy card, you can get a lower product price. The specific price will be sent to your email by customer service.
  3. Is the delivery address confidential?
    Yes, we make sure that the product is delivered to the address you provided in the shopping. We will not fill in any supplier information on the package.
  4. How do you deliver?
    You place an order at, and we ship the products directly to your customers from our wholesale warehouse in China. You just need to focus on sales without worrying about quality control, inventory, packaging and transportation.
    Agent mode
  5. Sell products to your own customer base.
  6. Get secret low price from obdkk.
  7. Obdkk will send the products directly to your customers.
  8. Your customers get their products from you and are loyal to your store. all rights reserved–

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