OBD2 diagnostic tool compatible with heavy trucks and cars – Xtool PS90 pro

obd2 diagnostic tool

For many heavy truck drivers, an OBD2 diagnostic tool that can diagnose both heavy trucks and cars is very important.

On the market: An OBD2 diagnostic tool for a heavy truck costs $ 1100. Of course, I mean authentic, good quality, powerful truck diagnostic tools

eg: XTOOL PS90 Quick Diagnosis OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool

One-click update via WIFI. Get the latest software anytime! Never miss an update with a pop-up update reminder
Remote access, ideal for training, presentations and even remote diagnostics.
The diagnostic report is provided as a PDF file. Print out a diagnostic report and show it to the owner when they pick up the car. They are happy to know what problems have been solved in their car.

Main programming functions:

  1. New button programming
  2. Read Pin Code Using EEPROM
  3. Hex Editor (Win Hex)
  4. Vehicle identification code programming
  5. reset ECM and reset immobilizer
  6. New remote programming
  7. With a complete and powerful database of the most important vehicles, you can choose your own area before you start
  8. Multi-language multi-model has always been the advantage of Xtool PS90.

Similarly, a useful, powerful, and high-quality gasoline vehicle diagnostic tool costs about $ 1,000. (Of course, you only need to buy it on obdkk.com website for $ 927, and free shipping).

XTOOL PS90 Automotive OBD2 Car Diagnostic tool

The biggest difference between it and the PS90 heavy truck diagnostic tool is that it diagnoses a diesel car and a diagnostic gasoline car! .
It has all the features of the xtool ps90 truck diagnostic tool (except, of course, it cannot diagnose diesel vehicles)
If you have both a diesel car and a petrol car at home, this will be a headache. However, the product I want to recommend for everyone below is compatible with both diesel and gasoline vehicles.

PS90 PRO Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool For Car and Truck

Specific functions can be understood through the link. The biggest benefit of this OBD2 diagnostic tool is that it is compatible with most car brands on the market. Powerful features and excellent reputation for quality are a major feature of this brand diagnostic tool.
Xtool ps90 pro The usual price is: $ 2156.25.
Use New Year Coupon: NY2020
It’s available for $ 1,962.19.
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